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Reparations & Slavery

Reparations & Slavery

Reparations and Slavery

When did everything in today’s society become relative and objective truths no longer matter? What is more disturbing for me is that our (American) historical truths no longer matter to the radical ideologues, who are currently creating havoc in our country.  Today, these revisionists want to destroy our national identity by destroying what they perceive as “bad” times in our national evolution or “bad” symbols in our American history such as Confederate statues, forefathers who owned slaves…or anything that does not fit their narrative of “the way things they think it should be.” What they fail to realize is every nation and every individual has an ebbing and flowing of good and bad in it. “It is what it is!” It is never a good thing to be enslaved, even under the best of conditions but our United States changed that with the 13th Amendment and the loss of over 600,000 American lives. If you didn’t cry watching “Roots” or “Twelve Years a Slave,” I’d call you un-American and a heartless fool. How can anyone treat another of God’s creation so horribly? 

Did you know that there are over 40,000,000 slaves today? Slavery has been a part of the human condition for millennia; from antiquity to today to tomorrow. It’s an evil that exists within man. Man has done, is doing, and will do terrible things to man throughout all of time and there is no date of expiration. We will continue to do this until the good Lord takes us or until we, as animals (evolutionists), annihilate one another by nuclear obliteration, germ warfare or any other parlous way man can come up with. If we go back to, let’s say Mesopotamia and the Babylonians “Code of Hammurabi” there are 282 laws covering everything from and “eye for an eye” legal mentality and, you guessed it, even slavery. The Greeks, Romans, Muslims, Huns, Goths, Mongols, Natives…all had slaves.

Of the 195 countries in the world today, 167 of them have some degree of slavery. This could be the sex-trafficking of women, the sex-trafficking of children, forced labor, debt bondage, domestic servitude, forced child labor and unlawful recruitment and use of child soldiers. Here are a few countries that are the biggest abusers of slavery:

  • India (18.4 million)
  • China (3.4 million)
  • Pakistan 2.1 (million)
  • Bangladesh (1.5 million)
  • Uzbekistan (1.2 million)
  • North Korea (1.1 million)

Interestingly enough, India’s slave trade of 18.4 million people is only 1.4% of its population. That’s mind-boggling!

The beautiful thing about our country is that our “Republican” form of government allows the people to redress any grievance it may have with the government, this is our first right in the  Bill of Rights. The people, when dissatisfied with the government can freely and without retribution, tell our political leaders to change things. If they do not, we can change our political leadership. When our country was forming, many of our forefathers struggled with slavery but made concessions to other political leaders who favored slavery only to unite as one nation, separate from England. Jefferson was a slave owner, yes, but he was strongly convicted to end the international slave trade and advocated for an eventual emancipation of slaves. It would be another 85 years before the nation finally said enough to slavery at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives. Was there still racism, prejudices, discrimination…of course, as it will always be with humans. And – NO – I’m not condoning it!

I’ve read a lot of material over the years on our nation’s history, its military, its leaders and all things American. I’ve been meaning to read “Gods and Generals” for years until a friend finally gave me it to read a few weeks ago. I already knew a lot about the Civil War but I cannot begin to tell you how conflicted the Confederate Officers such as General Robert Lee, General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, General John Hood and many others were knowing that they would be fighting their brothers-in-arms and brothers literally. These were good men rooted in faith and even they knew that slavery was not a good thing. They were more concerned about the “States” rights and how their economies would be hurt if slavery ended. Slave owners often spent a lot of money on slaves and there were a plethora of issues that would have to be addressed. I can say that if General Lee had the men and resources that the North had, the South would have won the war. They had the better Generals but this a whole other discussion. I’m glad they didn’t and ALL slavery ended. As a man of faith and a man of God, I strongly disagree with slavery – Period.

You know there’s this 1619 Project which has been debunked and proven to be absolutely wrong by both conservative and liberal historians. If slavery began in 1619 and ended in 1865, that would be 246 years not the 400 they claim. Of the millions of slaves that came to the Western Hemisphere, only just over 300,000 came to the United States. Most went to Brazil, Central America, Haiti, Dominican Republic… There’s plenty of blame to go around for American slavery but I would have been more miffed they were sold out by various African Chieftains. Our “REAL” history must be embraced no matter how good or how bad things are within a nation. As they say, “Failure is a lesson learned, success is a lesson applied.” The beautiful thing about our country is that we continue to be that “City on the Hill,” a beacon to the world for all to model after. We have made mistakes as a nation and as a people but we continually strive to be better and we do have the most liberties of anyone. However, we are at a tipping point of losing those freedoms if we do not start taking a stance against the lunacy displayed today.

As I begin to tie this up, I’d like to discuss reparations as I understand it from listening to the local and national media. As I understand the most recent looting, stealing and destruction to downtown Chicago, the black youth and black agitators say that their behavior and justification for stealing and looting are reparations for slavery that happened to their ancestors. Really? If you’re going to play that card, then almost every nation, race or ethnicity is going to have to pay back something, to someone, for those that they have conquered or enslaved since the don of man. “It is what it is!” That’s not insensitive, it’s truth. Again – over 40,000,000 slaves exist today and none of it is supported by our government! Again – the 13th Amendment. There are women and children stolen every day in our country into the sex trade. There are no black slaves in America and there have been none since 1865. At what point to we begin to forgive the past and move forward? I’ve never been involved with slavery and find it repulsive. I will NOT kowtow or apologize for anything my ancestors may or may not have done. I did NOT do anything so if you’re going to judge me, judge me on my actions, my character, my integrity… I am so tired of people thinking they are owed something when you should be thanking those who came before us who had the courage to sacrifice their lives and fortunes to make wrongs right. Nobody is repressed in this nation, not everyone is going to like you, get over it! Do the best that you can and make the best of any bad situation that arises.     

In the end, we are all in this life together, think of what we could do if we forgave each other and looked for ways to coexist instead of the extreme polarization that exists. It would be a grand life indeed! Here are a couple of inspirational quotes. “God is not waiting to love you until you have overcome your weaknesses and bad habits. He loves you today with a full understanding of your struggles.” Or – “People hurt you. God will heal you. People humiliate you. God will magnify you. People judge you. God will justify you. People hate you. God will love you.” “You can take my life, you can take my possessions, you can take my dignity but the one thing you cannot take is my faith!” For the evolutionist, this is as good as it gets! And – you’re worm food!

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